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Rent My Daughter

I won’t lie to you. I’m a single mother and any money is good money. That includes earnings my daughter makes by posing for artists who need a model to draw, paint or photograph. Often they require her undressed, either partially or all the way. Sometimes they require a little more than that.

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The Pre-Teen Pussy Wax Spa pt. 2

Amanda’s Pussy Wax Treatment
Ginny shook hands with Amanda, a ten year old, slim, blond, and her step-mother, and then led them back to her conference room. She showed them close-up, before-and-after, pictures of pussies, legs-together and legs-spread-open, of girls about Amanda’s age, who had received the full Brazilian wax treatments. She also showed them pictures of older girls who had shaved their bikini area. Those pictures – bare or with bikini bottoms on – showed red bumps surrounded by black hair tips making an unsightly picture. Ginny said, “You don’t want to have this by your bikini area, do you, Amanda?”

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The Pre-Teen Pussy Wax Spa pt. 1

Muriel and Charles had been friends for years. Although she was technically married, Charles knew she was a lesbian. He was one of her trusted friends who knew her secret. He had helped her set up trysts over the last 20 years so she could indulge her true passion for young women in safety and secrecy. She now had her own upscale beauty salon and spa. After several drinks, she confided another secret.

“Charles, my spa is in financial trouble. All this downturn in the economy, and spa treatments is one luxury that people, even top executives and their families can cut back on, without making too big of a difference in their lifestyles.”

She told him that her business wasn’t in danger of immediate collapse, but she felt like she was working hard with nothing to show for it. She said, “I’ve got a dozen people working in my spa, and they get paid, but there is usually nothing much left for me, after payroll and expenses. I need to either close or renovate my building and develop new customers.”

They kept talking. No rush to go back in the main hall for the fund raiser dinner. Her husband was chatting up a young, thirty-something woman who was new in town. Muriel didn’t mind her husband’s affairs because it kept him from trying to have sex with her. They both suspected that he knew she preferred women, but he wasn’t saying anything because he liked the setup. She looked into the main banquet hall and said, “Here’s something new you might like to think about: the trend for pre-teen girls to get bikini wax treatments, and even full Brazilian waxes! There have been news reports that many upscale mothers take their pre-teen daughters with them to the spa and they let their daughters get many of the same treatments. They say that if a young girl gets full Brazilian waxes 3 to 6 times before she reaches puberty that it’s likely she will never develop pubic hair! Skin soft, smooth, and hairless for the next twenty years, or maybe for life. Not enough research to substantiate that claim yet, but probably. Some spas advertise pre-teen waxing as a way to save thousands of dollars before the girl is thirty – money that can be saved from so many post-puberty Brazilian wax jobs! And not only that, many of the mothers reward their daughters who accept the brief pain of the wax job with massages, hair coloring, nail care, and so on. Some spas offer ‘birthday party’ specials for girls ages eight to ten, but they especially recommend starting the girls at age eight. I did some research on the internet under pre-teen wax treatments. The spa directors call it the ‘virgin wax treatment,’ for girls who have never shaved that area before. The pre-puberty hair is called ‘velus,’ and is so fine that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as if the girl waits until her teens or twenties. They tell the mothers that their daughters will be so sexy and bald there for years to come, maybe for life, with just a few special treatments, and those birthday parties get the little girls to love the spa experience – except for that few minutes during the actual pulling of hair during the Brazilian treatment. And since the girls’ hair is so fine and sparse at that age it comes out with much less pain than starting as a teenager. The primary selling point, of course, is no shaving or unsightly stubble, when she is on swim teams, ballet dancing, aerobics, and so on. The unspoken selling point is that the girl’s bald pussy is so much sexier for years and years to come. And most women know that most men prefer a smooth, hairless pussy to lick… which is more important because oral sex is becoming the favorite birth control method for many men, especially older men. But the spa managers don’t verbalize that, except with vague hints.”

Charles thought she might be telling him something with hopes he would read between the lines and offer to help her with remodeling her spa – meaning he would pay for the remodeling and then he could incorporate hidden, high powered cameras in the new areas. The idea appealed to Charles, so he said, “Yes, I know someone who would sponsor your company’s growth in exchange for certain viewing rights.”

She smiled at him, knowing he had caught her tacit offering. She said, “And I have several young ‘friends’ we could sponsor to take massage classes. Once they are licensed, they could work in my remodeled salon and give massages to all clients, but extra special massages to our new clients ages eight to ten. For your viewing pleasure, so to speak. With some special, post-waxing treatments, perhaps with a vibrator, so the little, waxed girls will want to come back for more of those special, ‘don’t-tell-mommy-or-anybody-else’ massages. Even though the massage rooms may be in dimmed lighting, perhaps the new security cameras would work anyway. And the two girls I have in mind for the masseuse positions would know to leave a clear view for the new security cameras.”

Charles smiled. “I’ll speak to my friend. He has an architect he uses for special remodeling projects. And you’ll start getting that additional income you need right away, and your off-the-record income will go up once you start serving that special clientele.”

“And we must be very discrete with this. I’ll warn the two girls not to do any overt sexual stimulation or fingering, at least no insertions. on the little girl’s fist visit. They will use the vibrators on other parts of the body first, before incorporating the vibration treatments with the warm, oil massage of the thighs, tummy and of course, the area that just got the Brazilian wax treatment… as if it is standard procedure. The little girls will want to return, and they will keep their mouths shut about that aspect of their ‘reward massages.’ And I’m licensed to give Brazilian waxes myself, and I often assist with them.”

Charles smiled, “And let me guess, you usually like to assist with any attractive woman under forty, and especially under twenty. Right?”

She laughed and nodded.

He said, “Yes, I’m sure my friend will get a nice check to you this week. Remodeling will start in a couple weeks. He will help you design a discrete advertising flyer about your new services. Perhaps even an off-site location for the follow-up services. The mothers will understand. And you’ll also get more of your adult clients – those girls and ladies ages twelve to sixty – to take advantage of your new services, too, as you become a full-service spa.

The Waxings Begin
Three months after that conversation, Muriel administered her fist, pre-teen, Brazilian wax service to a cute, nine-year old, blond, named Laura. The girl complained, and even cried during the waxing, saying she didn’t want to ever do it again. Then, after a soft drink and a candy bar, the girl’s mother went over to the other side of the Salon to get her hair done, while her daughter got her first ‘free massage’ as part of the pre-teen package. Muriel had warned the Mother that her daughter might be upset at first, but she would probably be fine after the massage.

Muriel had sold the mother on the idea by talking about projected savings on future waxes, and also the swimming suit, modeling, or sex appeal angles – pointing out that rough ‘shaved’ stubble around the crotch of a swimming suit was almost as unsightly as hair. The mother said she hoped her daughter would do some modeling as she got older, so that would really help her daughter’s possible career. That particular mother remembered getting teased when she was fourteen and some of her pubic hair was sticking through the leg holes of her swimming suit. She didn’t want that to ever happen to her daughter.

How right Muriel was about Laura enjoying the massages! Laura complained to Ginny, Muriel’s twenty three year old ‘friend’ and masseuse as she was led, wearing only a robe and paper slippers, into the massage room with the soft music. She wanted to put her panties back on, but Ginny said, “It’s just us girls here, Laura. And panties would irritate the sensitive area. That’s why your Mother had you wear a skirt here today, and why you shouldn’t wear panties for the rest of the day. I have to put lotion on it now and work it in to help heal the tender and delicate skin there. You’re a big girl now, and there are things to learn. I’m sure your Mommy wants you to continue with the treatments because she purchased our entire three-year program. The waxing treatments are only once in a while, like every three or four months, and it will make it easier for you to wear swimming suits for the rest of your life without having to shave and so on. It’s much less painful to do these treatments now, while you have almost no hair, and it’s so fine. And you’re so pretty, that I’m sure that in time you’ll have lots of boyfriends, and they will love your innocent look down there.” Ginny pointed to Laura’s pussy area, even though the girl was still wrapped in the white robe.

“It hurt.” Laura said.

“I know.” Said Ginny. “I get waxed every month or six weeks. It hurts much more as a grown-up, but I think it’s worth it because every one of my boyfriends has loved my ‘little girl’ look. Let me show you mine.” She lifted her apron and skirt, revealing her bald, smooth pussy. “You can feel it.” She said. “I didn’t wear panties today, because I wanted to show you – just to reassure you that lots of big girls and women get wax treatments. It hurts much worse when you’re older.”

The girl stroked a finger down the side of Ginny’s pussy lips. “Gee. It’s so smooth. Not all bumpy like some of the girls at the pool.”

“But if they didn’t shave, I bet the boys would tease them, wouldn’t they?” Ginny was still holding up her skirt, letting Laura look at her own, bald pussy. Ginny felt her own tingles as Laura stroked a finger down the side of her pussy several times.

“Boys are so mean and nasty! And they are always looking at you there. And like at my bumps on my chest, too, which show through the swimming suit material. It’s embarrassing. Even older boys look.”

“Of course they look.” Ginny laughed. “You’re a very pretty girl. You are beginning to learn about your feminine power. You’re growing up. Boys and men can’t help but look at pretty, sexy girls like you. Be proud of how you look. Let them look, but pretend that you don’t notice them looking. That’s a secret for us big girls.” She hugged Laura, and let her skirt drop back into place.

“Gee.” Laura said. “I can tell they are looking at me there.”

“Let’s get your robe off now. You’ll love the massage.” Ginny said, “We keep it warm in this room, so you won’t mind not having the robe. It’s time to get your massage like a big girl, and this will take the sting away. We’ll do another massage in a week, and then you won’t get waxed first. That won’t happen again for four months. If you think the massages really speed up your recovery, I might be able to talk Ms. Muriel into letting me give you one each week during your first year.”

“I don’t know.” Said Laura, as she wiped away a final tear.

Ginny helped the seventy pound girl up onto the special massage table that had a cut-out under the pussy area. Laura laid on her tummy and let Ginny part her legs to the edges of the massage table. She was soon enjoying the feelings as Ginny massaged her back, shoulders, legs, and thighs with warm oil – letting Ginny open her legs wider to do the inside of her thighs. Ginny used the vibrator on the backs of Laura’s thighs – pressing hard for deep tissue massage, to get the girl used to the vibrator. She accidentally let the big vibrator roll across Laura’s pussy lips several times.

Ginny pressed the vibrator slightly harder against Laura’s pussy while rubbing oil on her bottom and thighs and even on Laura’s pussy lips while the girl was still face down. Laura jumped but Ginny said, “This is the sensitive area after your waxing. I know. But this oil will help soothe your skin. This doesn’t hurt, does it?” Ginny had her hand cupped over the girl’s pussy and was pressing the big, plug-in vibrator against the back of her own hand.

“No.” Laura said. “It like kind of tingles and tickles, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Open your legs more so I can apply more of the soothing oil here. Lift your hips a little too. That will help. Your Mother wants you to get the full treatment. You can even move your hips to help with the muscle relaxation.”

Laura obediently opened her legs more and lifted her hips. Ginny gently massaged more of the warm, scented oil onto Laura’s thighs and pussy. Her oil hand was followed closely by her vibrator hand. Laura was holding her bottom up off the table and moving her hips.

A minute later, Laura let out a soft moan as Ginny continued to massage Laura’s pussy with her hand and the vibrator. Ginny said, “You’re doing good, Laura. It helps get the tenseness out of your skin and muscles if you move your hips while I treat your tender area. It’s just us girls here, and this is a medical treatment to speed your recovery.”

Laura kept moving her hips while she moaned softly.

Then she placed a towel over Laura and helped her roll onto her back. She put a smaller towel over Laura’s face, above her nose so she could breathe easily and not be bothered by the light. Ginny whispered in Laura’s ear, “I’m going to finish your massage. We’re about halfway. Just relax. I’m going to help you really relax, but it’s important that we keep some of what we do for your massage just between us girls, and not tell anyone else about some parts of the massage I’m giving you, because we’re not supposed to touch clients in certain parts, but I think it’s necessary in order to get your muscles and skin to really relax, don’t you?”

“Yes. I won’t say anything to anybody, Ginny. I get to come back again next week? Unn.”

“Yes, Honey. I think it’s important for you to get a speedy recovery. OK?”

“Yes. OK.” She said softly, not trying to move the towel off her face.

“I’m going to turn up the music a little louder, so you just relax. Nobody will be able to hear what we’re doing in here.”

But Ginny knew the video cameras were picking up the sound and video just fine. She turned up the lights and the music, and started massaging Laura’s chest which was almost perfectly flat when she was lying on her back. There was a little more fatty tissue in her pale breasts – with the swimming suit tan lines outlining her tender, young breasts. Ginny arranged the fluffy towel across Laura’s tummy, but keeping Laura’s pussy and breasts fully exposed while she massaged the pliant nine year old with the vibrator and oil.

“Ohhhhh.” Laura said, as Ginny massaged her breasts with her well-oiled hands and the vibrator.

She was soon down to Laura’s pussy and thighs – using lots of oil. Ginny placed Laura’s hands on her budding breasts and poured a little oil onto each one. “You massage your breasts while I work on your tender area. That will help get you relaxed and it’s good for your breasts, too. I bet you’ll even notice some grown men noticing the pretty bumps in your T-shirt.”

Laura didn’t say anything but kept massaging her own breasts – massaging, pinching and pulling them.

Each time Ginny moved her hands across Laura’s pussy, the girl opened her legs wider. Ginny knew from Laura’s flushed, mottled skin and the whitish cream forming in her virgin hole, that Laura was getting very excited. She expertly led the young girl to her first ever full climax, knowing just when to pull away before Laura got too sensitive. She kept massaging Laura’s legs and tummy while she recovered. A teaspoon of Laura’s white, gooey excitement oozed out of Laura’s vagina. Ginny waited, knowing the remote cameraman was probably zooming in, before she wiped it off as part of the clean-up. Ginny didn’t comment on the orgasm or the resultant goo. She helped Laura on with her training bra and hugged her as soon as the girl was completely dressed. “Our secret.” She whispered in Laura’s ear.

“I know.” Said Laura.

Ginny led her back out to the waiting room. Her Mom had just gotten there, too, and she asked Ginny how her daughter did.

“She was fine, and I told her about next week. She wants to come back next week for the massage, and again in four months for her next wax and massage. I’ll check with Mruiel about doing a complimentary massage once a week in the meantime for encouragement.”

Laura’s Mom smiled and handed Ginny a twenty dollar bill as a tip. She said, “Did you like the massage, Laura?”

“It felt good, Mommy. I guess I will come back for the next treatments.”

Laura’s Mom and Ginny both smiled. Laura’s Mom said, “And I’ll buy you some silky, sexy panties like we talked about, now that you’re getting to be such a big girl.”

Ginny hugged Laura. “See you next week.”


After mother and daughter were out the door, Ginny said, “She’ll be back. And you’ll love the video. Probably her first orgasm. Very hot, little girl.”

Nine year old Alice kept fidgeting while she and her mother were sitting in Muriel’s office. After Alice’s Step-Mom signed the papers, Muriel said, “This will be a full scholarship for your daughter. She will get a waxing treatment approximately every four months, followed up with three or more massages after each treatment. We will take pictures during and after the interviews, but no pictures that show her face will ever be used in our advertising literature. We want to document this for several years, as she goes through puberty and beyond. This will help us medically document that the pre-pubescent wax treatments will keep her hairless for years to come – thus saving thousands of dollars in Brazilian wax treatments. And your Step-Daughter won’t ever have to shave her bikini area, so these treatments will prevent unsightly stubble showing whenever she wears a swimming suit or is doing aerobics or modeling.”

The word “modeling” caught Alice’s attention. Muriel noticed the girl’s sudden look of interest, but continued talking to Alice’s Mother. Muriel said, “We think that the especially cute girls, like your daughter, Alice, could become models eventually, which can be a high-paying career for a young girl, which could really benefit the family. And while she is in the program she will continue to get free treatments, including waxing, and then hair, and nail treatments before any possible modeling sessions.”

“Yes. That’s great.” Alice’s thirty year old, single, step-mother said. “And I will get free hair styling services, too? I mean besides the ‘stipend’ you told me about?”

Muriel smiled, remembering how the Mother was so happy to hear about the hundred and fifty dollars per month stipend for the medical photography aspect of the scholarship program. She had to explain what a stipend was to Alice’s Step-Mother. Muriel said, “Yes, but of course it all depends on how cooperative your daughter is – during the treatments, interviews, massages, and also how open and honest she is during the interviews, which are for medical tracking. She has to cooperate fully and be totally honest in order to be in the scholarship program. The researchers will need to know how limber she is, for example, and they will be monitoring other aspects of her growth and development. And whatever she says in her interviews is strictly confidential, and is only shared with the researchers. You will get the full monthly stipend if she cooperates, and only if she cooperates. And her treatments will be at another location, not too far from here. More privacy that way for her examinations and the photography.”

“I understand.” The Step-Mother said. She looked at Alice. “You be sure to do everything they tell you, and answer all the questions truthfully. We’re very lucky to be in the program, and we will keep it our secret.”

Murial smiled. “Yes, I hope so.” She looked at Alice, “And I’m sure you won’t pull your panties down to show other people the effects of these wax treatments, will you?”

Alice blushed, and looked at the floor. “No! I won’t show anybody!” She smiled, showing the uneven teeth that were too big for her mouth.

Murial said, “Good! Don’t show anybody except our clinical technicians. Maybe someday you’ll get to meet some of the other scholarship girls in the program for a little party and to show your waxed areas to each other and to the cameras. That’s a big bonus for you…” she nodded at Alice’s Step-Mother… “but probably not during the first year of treatments, but maybe sooner, if she seems especially honest with the interviewer.” She was looking at Alice’s Step-Mother again, “And there is a very nice stipend for you when we get to that step. I’ll tell you later, but it’s the same as a whole year of monthly stipends. During our research program we also teach the girls about sex and good hygiene while we are getting measurements and so on.”

Alice’s Step-Mother wasn’t paying attention because she was busy estimating the math to figure how much twelve stipends at once would add up to. She looked up and smiled at Muriel, and then told her daughter to be sure to do everything she was told to do, and to answer the questions, and to never tell anybody, and to not be shy, because this was for medical reasons and nobody would ever see pictures of her face except the researchers.

Muriel smiled again as she thought of the thousand or so ‘researchers’ who would enjoy the videos and pictures of Alice and the other girls who were participating in her “waxing research project.” She said, “And now, you can come with me for your first complimentary hair styling, while Alice goes with Ms. Ginny for her initial interview, wax treatment, and therapeutic massage. She will be done in about two hours, because the initial interview and waxing takes longer, so you can leave after your hair styling and then come back to get her. We never talk to other adults, even here in the spa, about the girls getting the special treatments. We can only offer this to a few lucky girls each year.”

Muriel waited until Alice left with Ginny, the esthetician, who would be assisting with the interview and then do the waxing procedure on Alice when they got to their other site. Muriel said, “Most of the girls really love the whole process after the first session when there is a little pain with the waxing, but it’s not too bad because their hair is still so fine, and we only do a small area at a time. And it will save years and years of future waxing or shaving. Swimming suits, aerobic outfits, modeling, or maybe later dancing – it will save her so much time and trouble.” Muriel knew that Alice’s Mother had been a dancer for a few years before Alice was born. “And she may be embarrassed about the whole thing for the first year or so. We recommend that the mothers don’t question them about it. Just make sure she takes a bath on the mornings she is schedule to come for a massage or treatment.”

“I made sure she took a bath this morning, like you said.”

“Good. And I’m glad you had her wear a skirt like I suggested, too, when we first talked. She won’t be wearing panties home, but the irritation should be gone by tomorrow. Just stay home this evening. And it might be good to keep a bottle of baby oil in your bathroom, because she might want to soothe any irritation. We’ll show her how.”

“OK. We were planning to order a pizza. But I’ll get baby oil on the way home.”

Alice’s Interview and First Waxing
Alice took Ginny’s hand and walked into a private room with mirrors on the wall. They were in a run-down, industrial area five miles from Muriel’s spa. The room was well lit with a specialty massage table in the center. It was covered with towels. There were chairs and two cameras on tripods near the center of the room. One of the cameras was just one meter above the floor, and the other camera was set at just under two meters, or about five feet, six inches above the floor. Both were aimed at the small area in the corner with the wood floor. The rest of the room was carpeted.

Ginny explained, “We’ll start your first interview in a few minutes when the doctor gets here. And don’t be shy. He’s real nice. Just call him, ‘Dr. Jim.’ Answer all his questions honestly and completely. There are no wrong answers, because we’re not in school and this is not a test!” Ginny laughed, keeping her hand on the nervous, little girl’s shoulder.

Alice laughed, too.

Ginny said, “We’ll play music to help you relax, and you can kind of move or dance to the music while he interviews you while you are undressing. Don’t be in a rush. Have a good time. The other little girls love it once they’ve been here a time or two. I think you will, too.”

Dr. Jim walked in, wearing a white lab coat, with a stethoscope around his neck and a clipboard in his hand. He was in his early fifties, with salt and pepper hair, and glasses. At five feet ten he was more than a foot taller than the girl. He smiled at Alice, and held out his hand.

Alice smiled broadly when he said, “Oh, you are such a pretty girl, Alice. I heard that you were pretty, but you are especially cute! I bet you could get into our modeling program within your first year. Yes, very pretty.”

He was still holding the girl’s hand and led her to the small area with the wooden floor, while Ginny positioned the cameras – one aimed at Alice’s hips and the other aimed at her face and chest. He said, “I’m Dr. Jim. Take off your shoes and socks and put on these high heels. This will help us see how grown-up you’re getting.”

She sat on the floor to take off her shoes and socks, and put on the three inch, squarish, black, high heeled shoes.

Dr. Jim held her hand to help her stand up. He said, “Just move or dance to the music while I ask you questions while you’re undressing. I’ll tell you when to take off something. We are very relaxed in here, and there is no rush. Just sway to the music now. Get relaxed.” He moved his finger to the music, kind of doing a finger dance. Ginny adjusted the cameras, which had been on since before she walked into the room with Alice. Then she went over to the little closed to begin setting up the area for the waxing.

After a minute, Dr. Jim said, “Tell us your name and age.”

“I’m Alice and I just turned nine years old.” She was blushing and swaying timidly to the music.

“Very good, Alice, but speak up a little louder. Nobody can hear what we’re doing or saying in here, Alice.” He turned to Ginny. “Alice is so pretty, isn’t she?”

Ginny said, “Yes, she is really cute. Absolutely yummy.”

Dr. Jim said, “Tell us your name and age and then talk about your grade in school and what kinds of things you’re learning in school.”

Alice was smiling again as she said her name, age, and grade in school. She said, “I’m Alice and I’m nine years old and in the fourth grade. We’re like doing Geography and Science and Math and stuff like that. We’re measuring things, like with rulers or meter sticks so we learn the difference. That kind of stuff.” She was swaying to the music.

Dr. Jim said, “Excellent. You have a good sense of rhythm. I like how you move to the music. You know this is what doctors call ‘a developmental study,’ since you’re a growing girl, and we have to be able to talk about lots of things, including some things you don’t talk to anybody about. You’re doing great, and you’re so pretty. Anyway I’ll ask you some questions about your growing body. Do you know what your ‘breasts’ are?”

Alice missed a beat in the music and blushed brightly, as blonds often do. She nodded her head and started her light swaying-dancing to the music again.

Dr. Jim said, “Just to make sure, I want you to put your hands on your breasts and start squeezing them while we talk. Squeeze and massage them. That’s it. Very good. Isn’t she doing great, Ginny?”

“She’s doing just fine.” Ginny said. “I can’t see if they are beginning to develop yet with her blouse and training bra.”

Dr. Jim said, “She’ll take it off in a minute, but are your breasts starting to develop already, Alice? Do you have puffy nipples, or are you getting small mounds? Keep massaging them, so they will be bigger when we examine you. That’s a good girl.”

She missed another beat to the music, then picked it up again, swaying and dancing. “Yes, like a little bit, kind of like marshmallows, my friend said.”

Dr. Jim asked, “Does your friend have budding breasts, too? Is she about your age? Do you play doctor and things with her?”

She kept dancing. Alice blushed brighter and hesitated. Then she said, “Yes, hers are starting to grow, too, and they are bigger than mine. We see each other sometimes, like if she stays over or if I stay at her house, and we take a bath together. You mean like that?”

“Yes, perfect. I like it that you’re being so honest with us. It’s perfectly normal for little girls to look at each other, and even touch each other, or playing doctor and things like that. So tell us a little about the games you and your friend play. You don’t have to say her name, but it’s OK if you do, because everything we talk about in here is confidential. That means we won’t tell anybody, including your Mother. OK? And keep dancing and massaging your breasts while we talk. Really squeeze them hard. You’re doing wonderful so far, Alice.”

Alice was blushing and dancing a little slower, but she kept massaging her breasts. She said, “Well, like we look at each other when we take a bath. Things like that.” She stopped talking, hoping she had said enough.

“Go on.” Said Dr. Jim. “Do you touch each other, or do you finger each other in the vagina or anus, or do you kiss each other? Tell us more about what you do with your friends.”

Alice said, “It’s only Carla. I don’t do it with anybody else. But we touch each other, like in our private parts, but not our bottoms, gee, just the front, you know.”

Ginny reassured her, “It’s perfectly normal for little girls to examine each other, and to kiss or undress each other and to finger each other in the front or the back, but when you finger her in the back, or if she fingers you, then put baby oil on your finger so it’s more slippery. Tell us how you finger each other. I had two friends when I was your age, and we did all kinds of things. I really liked it when one of my girlfriends fingered me, especially up my bottom. One of my friends really liked that, too. It’s perfectly natural.” Ginny enjoyed putting new ideas in the girl’s head. Alice was paying close attention, even though she kept dancing in place to the music.

Dr. Jim said, “Tell us how she fingers you and how you finger her. Tell us while you pull your panties down. Just leave them on your ankles while you dance in place. And you’re doing fine, Alice. Your Mom might get a little bonus if you keep cooperating and answering questions.” Alice reached both hands up under her skirt and pulled down her white, cotton panties with pink rocking horses on them. She pulled them down to her ankles and stood up straight again. She started dancing, and said, “Carla put her finger in me first, like just a little bit, and then I put my finger in her. We were on my bed with just big T-shirts on and no panties. Mom was downstairs having some drinks with a friend of hers. We were laughing, and taking turns. Pretty soon we were pushing a finger all the way in. Then we took turns and did it ten times, you know, like all the way in and out.”

“Was this right after your bath?” Dr. Jim asked.

“Yes, so like we were all clean.”

“Good.” Dr. Jim said. “Lift your skirt and put your right hand on your pubic mound.”

Alice looked confused, so Dr. Jim said, “You might call it your ‘pussy.’ Is that what you call it?”

Alice nodded, blushing, as she continued to move to the music while she was holding her skirt up with one hand and touching the side of her pussy with her right hand.

“It’s OK to say the word, pussy, with us, Alice.” Ginny said. There are other words, and we should get used to using them. What are the names you use for your breasts and for you pussy?”

Alice said, “Boobies or titties, but I’m just starting to get titties. Carla calls her pussy her cunny sometimes, or her crack or slit, or her ass, but I though that was just the back part.”

Dr. Jim said, “See? It’s so much easier to explain things when we are comfortable using the words with each other. Pussy, cunny, titties, and other words. You are safe to use any of those words with us, Alice. We’ll teach you other words, too. Do you know what your vagina is?”

“Yes, like that’s my hole.”

“Very good.” Said Ginny. “And we’ll talk about periods and different feminine products. You Mom said you haven’t started yet.”

“We learned about it at school. It sounds yukky.”

“Does your friend Carla have periods yet, Alice?” Dr. Jim asked. “Keep dancing and hold up your skirt with both hands now. All the way up. That’s it.”

“Carla is ten, almost ten and a half and she had three of those period things so far.”

“Does she have hair around her pussy?” Dr. Jim asked.

“Yes, a little bit, and her titties are bigger than mine, too.”

Dr. Jim said, “Alice, stop just a minute. It’s normal for girls to examine each other and to share secrets and so on, but you can’t tell her about these treatments. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Alice looked so solemn, even holding up the front of her skirt to show her bare pussy to the cameras and to the two researchers.

Ginny said, “And at school the teacher or nurse might ask you if anybody touches your private parts, but this is medical research and doesn’t count. You can’t tell anyone. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Like Uncle Larry. I promised never to tell anybody, and I won’t.”

Dr. Jim said, “That’s right. And we won’t tell anybody about your Uncle Larry either. You don’t have enough hair to notice yet Alice, so Carla might not notice anything for a year or so, about you not having any pubic hair. That’s good. How often do you spend the night together?”

“I guess every week or two, depending on what our moms are doing or how much homework she has. She’s in fifth grade, and I’m only in the fourth. I’m glad it’s almost summer.”

“Don’t spend the night with her within three days of a waxing treatment. OK?”

“Yes. I guess. But what if she’s coming over to our trailer?”

Ginny said, “I’ll talk with Muriel who can give some reason to your Mother. And we’ll try to always schedule a waxing session for a Monday or Tuesday.”

Dr. Jim said, “We want you to keep playing games with her, even fingering each other. It might be best to not do it in bright lights for a while, Alice. OK?”


“When you finger her now, do you do it more than ten times in a row?”

“Yes, we take turns, see, and the one who is getting fingered counts to fifty, but they can count as slow or fast as they want.”

“Does it give you tingles in your pussy when she fingers you, Alice?”


“Does she like it, too?”


“Of course she does.” Dr. Jim said, “Start dancing again, and tell us if her pussy seems to get wetter while you are fingering her.” Alice was dancing, holding up her dress with both hands. “Gee, it does get really slippery. And then she counts real slow. Then I have to keep doing it to her until she makes her noises.”

Dr. Jim asked, “Does she like it when you finger her real slow, or does she like it faster?”

“Sometimes she tells me to slow down, and sometimes she wants me to go faster.”

Ginny said, “Do you rub her clitoris at the same time?”

“What’s that?”

Dr. Jim said, “That’s the little bump in front, between your pussy lips. It’s very sensitive. Is yours sensitive? Does it feel good when you rub your little bump? Some people call it your clitty.”

“Oh, that. Yes. I know what you mean now, like the little bump.” Alice said, still holding up her skirt and swaying to the music. She couldn’t move her feet because her panties were stretched between her ankles so she kept swaying.

Dr. Jim said, “Step out of your panties now, Alice, but keep holding your skirt up. Tell us how it feels when you rub your clitty. Does it give you tingles? Does Carla like you to rub her clitty while you finger her?”

“Yes, it gives me tingles. I didn’t rub hers yet, but I looked at it.”

Ginny said, “One of my girlfriends, like when I was your age, she liked to kiss me there. Right on my clitty. It felt so good. But first we kissed each other on the mouth lots of times and we used to practice kissing and like touching our tongues together. Then one time we were acting silly and she kissed me on my ‘bottom lips.’ That’s what she called my pussy lips. It was so funny at first, but it felt really good. But, I bet your friend Carla would love it if you rubbed a finger on her clitty while you were fingering her vagina.”


Dr. Jim and Ginny both guessed that Alice and Carla would soon be fingering and licking each other. They had planned on putting ideas in Alice’s head, building on whatever she told them.

Alice surprised them both when she said, “Carla’s Uncle Gene likes to do that to her. She said it feels really good. I remember we both giggled when she told me.”

Dr. Jim said, “Remember, you don’t have to use names. We already know Carla’s name, but you don’t have to tell us her uncle’s name. I want you to do slow hip thrusts to the music with your feet farther apart while you tell us some of the things your friend shared with you about her uncle. All of this is confidential, of course, and we won’t ever share this with anyone, including your mother.”

Ginny demonstrated hip thrusts – like a man fucking. “Push your hips as far forward as you can, trying to keep your feet and shoulders in the same position, so it’s only your hips thrusting forward and then back as far as you can.” Then Ginny said to Dr. Jim, “Isn’t she doing great? I’m almost positive her Mom will get the surprise bonus today.

Dr. Jim was worried he would cum in his pants as he watched nine year old Alice thrusting her hips forward and back while holding up her skirt for the cameras. Then Alice said, “He doesn’t you know… he doesn’t do that, like sex, like put it in her. They just play games and he licks her and fingers her. That’s all.”

Dr. Jim asked, “Does he finger her in the back, too? Her anus? Her bottom?”

“Gee. I don’t know. She said something about his ‘finger feels so big, especially back there.’ So maybe that’s what she meant by ‘back there.'”

“Did she tell you what positions she gets in while he fingers her?”

Alice kept thrusting her hips to the music while she thought a moment. “She told me she gets in different positions, like on her back or tummy or on her hands and knees, and sometimes she lies across his lap like he’s pretending to spank her. Only he only spanks her a little bit and fingers her. She says its lots of fun, and then he takes her out to get ice cream.”

“Does Carla’s uncle let her look at his cock or touch it?”

Alice was getting used to sex words because her rhythm didn’t change. “Yes, sometimes he likes her to rub it for him. She says it’s really funny, and then sometimes it like squirts out stuff, only it’s not pee.”

Dr. Jim said, “Take off your blouse now, Alice. You’re doing great. Did you ever see a man’s cock or a boy’s? Did you ever have a finger bigger than your own or Carla’s go in your vagina?” Both adults saw her halt for a second.

“I can’t talk about it.” She said, after a few seconds. “I promised Uncle Larry I wouldn’t tell anybody.”

Jim motioned for her to remove her training bra, too. He said, “Keep dancing, Alice. It’s perfectly normal for a cute little girl like you to have some experiences with older men or older boys. Carla did. Almost all of the little girls in our waxing program have had experiences with a big brother, or uncle, or neighbor, or a teacher. And nobody will tell this to your Mom or anybody else.”

“Mommy doesn’t know about it. Uncle Larry takes care of me sometimes. And like we play games and things. Don’t tell Mommy.”

“We won’t, Dear.” Ginny said. “It’s perfectly normal for a pretty little girl like you. It’s fine. When I was your age I had an uncle I played games with, too, and one of the neighbors… well, two different neighbor men, but one was just in college. He was nineteen and used to baby sit me, and he was the first one to finger me. I was eight. It was fun. They never hurt me.”

Dr. Jim said, “that’s right, Alice. It’s perfectly normal. You can’t tell anyone about our treatments or conversations because you are getting paid for the research, so if you talk about it to anyone, your Mommy would have to give back the money. Keep dancing and now you can turn around. Massage your titties while you dance and tell us more about your uncle but don’t use his name.”

“I promised him I would never tell anybody. And don’t tell Mommy whatever you do. Uncle Larry is…. I mean my uncle is really nice to me and buys me things.”

Dr. Jim interrupted her. “Doesn’t she have cute little titties, Ginny?”

Ginny said, “Beautiful. Delicious looking boobies. See if you can make them bounce for the camera. Maybe hop up and down.”

Alice smiled and turned around to the music, massaging her small titties the whole time. She flipped off the high heels, and hopped on her tip toes to make them bounce. Then she squeezed them and tried to shake the nipples to make them wiggle for the cameras. She tried pulling them up with her hands and letting go so they would jiggle a little bit, but her firm, tiny breasts wouldn’t keep jiggling for more than one second. She put the high heels back on when Ginny motioned for her to put them on again.

Before Alice started about her Uncle Larry again, Ginny brought a large bottle of baby oil over to the girl and put a few drops on each nipple. She said, “This is an easy lubricant. Massage the oil into your breasts while you dance and talk. Try pinching and see how far out you can pull them. And you’re doing great putting lots of hip thrusts into your dancing. You are so sexy, cute!”

Alice started dancing again, while pulling, twisting, massaging her own breasts. She said, “Since you promise to never tell anybody, I guess we started playing games about a year or so ago. I’m not sure exactly. At first it was just accidental when I slept at Uncle Larry’s… I mean, at my uncle’s house. Like when he would tickle me, or give me a bath. Things like that. But it felt good when he touched me and washed my private places. I guess when I was in third grade I noticed he didn’t touch me that way when Mommy was around. I never said anything to her, except that I liked to stay over at his house when she had to work late or something. If it was a school day, then he would drive me to school in the morning if I spent the night at his house. He liked me to wear one of his big T-shirts, and only the T-shirt, when I went to sleep.” Then she added, “He still does, like when I stay at his house, or sometimes he gives me little, nightie tops to wear.”

“Very good.” Said Dr. Jim. “A nice uncle. You’re not staying with him for a few days, are you?”

“No, not until like a week and a half.”

“Good.” Said Dr. Jim. “Your pussy will be fine by then. He probably won’t notice that your little bit of angel hair is gone. Do you know what we’re going to do today?”

“I’m not sure exactly. Some kind of wax treatment, but I don’t know what that means.” She was turning and twisting more now, keeping with the sultry music, and still doing lots of hip thrusts. She kept massaging her breasts, pulling them out and letting go, like Ginny had suggested.

Dr. Jim stepped closer to her and moved her left hand down so he could fondle her left breast. He knew that only his hand and part of his arm would be in the video. He fondled, gently pinched and pulled and massaged her breast while she kept dancing . He said, “Excellent breast tissue. Perfect development. Soft, puffy, pink nipples. Very good. Does your uncle massage them for you, or suck on them?”


“Does it give you tingles in your pussy when he does that?”

“Yes. He likes to do it. But he doesn’t use baby oil.”

“Do you like how this feels with a little bit of baby oil on your breasts? Does this feel good to you, Alice?”

“Yes. Gee.”

Then he gave Alice a quick summary of the procedure they were going to do. “We’ll give you a wax treatment, just a little area at a time, which will remove this fine hair from your pussy area. I don’t think your uncle or your friend Carla will notice because you don’t have much hair. In a year or so, they might wonder why your breasts are getting bigger but you don’t have any pubic hair, but maybe not. Does your uncle put his finger all the way in your vagina? Does he use any kind of oil or lubricant on his finger?”

“He puts it all the way in. It hurt a little bit the first time, but then it didn’t hurt anymore. He doesn’t put anything on his finger, but he puts it in just a little ways a few times so his finger gets real wet. Then it slides in real easy after he gets it wet, but it feels so big. He says I’m real tight on his finger and he’s glad I’m slippery. The game is that he puts me in different positions while he does it.”

Dr. Jim asked, “Does it feel good to you when he pushes his finger in you? Does it give you big tingles in your pussy?”

“Yes. It feels good and he likes to do it. But sometimes he just looks at it, or rubs his wet finger on my… bump, or clitty? Is that the right word?”

“Yes, he rubs your clitty. Does that feel good, too?”

“Yes. He does both at the same time sometimes and that feels the best of all. Like really tingly.” She was thrusting her hips to the music with more gusto.

Ginny said, “My uncle used to do that, too. It was so much fun. One day he put oil on his finger and put it part way in my bottom. I didn’t want him to at first, and started giggling and trying to get away. But then he pushed it in farther and it started to feel really good, so I held still so he could push it all the way in me. Maybe you could have baby oil with you sometime and ask him to put it all over you after your bath. Then say something like, ‘that feels funny, kind of a good funny, like tingles’ when he runs a finger across your anus. Don’t tell him what to do, but just say it feels good. I’ll show you what it feels like today, during your examination. OK?”

“Yes. OK. I guess we can do it. Mommy says I have to do what you say.”

Ginny said, “It’s part of your examination and I’ll be gentle and besides, my fingers are smaller than your uncle’s, I bet.” Ginny laughed. She held out her finger for Alice to look at closely.

“Your finger is lots smaller!” Alice laughed.

Dr. Jim said, “And I will examine your vagina with my finger. It’s probably about the same size as your uncle’s.” He held out his finger.

Alice looked at Dr. Jim’s finger and nodded. She said, “Gee.”

“It’s part of the examination, Alice. Nothing to worry about. And I will go slowly, too. Take off your skirt now, but keep dancing for a little bit.”

She unsnapped the back of her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and handed it to Ginny.

“Excellent.” Said Dr. Jim.

Alice kept dancing, wearing only the black, high heels.

Dr. Jim said, “See if you can pull your pussy open while you’re dancing. You and put your feet farther apart. Use both hands. That’s it. Pull it open for the cameras. Very good. Try to pull it open a little wider. Slow down your dancing. That’s better. Very good.”

Ginny said, “Such a great sense of rhythm. You like music, don’t you, Alice?”

“Yes. I like to dance.”

Ginny said, “Maybe next time you stay at your uncle’s house you could dance while you undress while he is watching you.”

“Gee. OK. That would be fun.”

Dr. Jim said, “OK. Let’s go over to the table for your initial examination.” He and Ginny moved the cameras and set them up so one would get her face and chest and the other was aimed at her pussy area.

They led her to the massage table that had articulated leg rests which were closed so that it was one, long, rectangular table, covered with towels. They helped her onto the table, face up, legs together. After getting pictures of her pussy and breasts with the still camera, each of the adults squeezed a breast for close-ups. Next, they pulled her legs apart, letting her feet and calves drop down outside the edge of the table, and had her pull her pussy open for the cameras. They both took their time examining her breasts and pussy.

“Oh, there’s her clitty.” Ginny said. She dipped her finger in Alice’s wet vagina and rubbed her wet finger on Alice’s exposed clitty. “Excellent, full mound with fat, juicy lips. You can’t see her clitty until her legs are wide apart. Do you hold your pussy open so your uncle can see it?”

“Yes, sometimes. He likes me to pull it open for him. He looks at it and rubs it.”

Dr. Jim took another close-up. “You are at the perfect stage of development to start the waxing treatments and also for the medical, developmental pictures.” Dr. Jim put his finger part way in; pulled it out; and then pushed it all the way in again.

Alice said, “Ohhh, unn. Your finger feels big.”

“This doesn’t hurt, does it, Alice? It’s part of your examination.” He kept slowly pushing his finger all the way in and pulling it out, then back in again. “Your Uncle Larry is right, Alice. Your pussy is very tight. Really pretty and tight and wet. Just perfect for our research.”

Each time he pushed his finger in, Alice said, “Unnnn.” Then she said, “No, it doesn’t hurt. It just like makes me tingle, just like when Uncle Larry does it.”

Ginny started flicking a fingernail across Alice’s swollen clitty when Dr. Jim pushed his finger in. “Unnnn, ohhh.” Said Alice, and moved her hips.

“During this part of your examination, Alice, you can move your hips to the music. Squeeze tight and then relax your pussy while we examine you. Squeeze and relax. That’s it. Very good. Try to squeeze it on my finger. Yes. Good.”

“Very juicy wet, isn’t she, Doctor?” Ginny asked.

“Yes. Very. A good test subject. I think she will enjoy the treatments. Let’s examine the other side and then you can do the wax treatments, and then her soothing massage. She is doing great, and I’m sure her Mother will like the bonus.”

They helped her down again, and opened the legs of the table, showing Alice how the two legs could slide apart so the person on the table could have her legs wide apart. Each leg section of the table had a lockable wheel at the base. They helped the seventy two pound girl onto the table and put a cylindrical bolster under her hips so her bottom was raised almost a foot.

Ginny said, “After your bath when you’re at your uncle’s house, put a big towel on your bed and ask him to put oil on your tummy and back. When he massages your bottom, move your hips a little bit and tell him that it’s giving you tingles when he touches you there. What you need to do now though, is put both hands back on your bottom and pull it open so we can get close-ups. That is. A little wider. Hold it. You can move your hips a little big while I adjust the cameras. We want you look into this camera over here while the doctor examines you.”

They adjusted the cameras, with one zoomed in on her face.

Ginny and Dr. Jim looked at her spread-open bottom and the back view of her partially opened pussy. The girl was very wet. Dr. Jim commented on her perfect development. “And just a little angel hair. None in the back. Alice keep looking into the camera while we examine you. Tell us your name and age again.”

It was hard for Alice to concentrate while Ginny was putting lubricant on her anus. She said, “My name is Alice, and I’m …unnnnnnn… nine years… unnn… I’m nine years… unnnn…. old.”

Both adults knew Alice’s initial research video would be a hot seller.

“Very good, Alice.” Ginny said. “Say your name and age slowly three more times. It’s Ok to move your hips while I examine you. She’s very tight, Doctor. I’d better loosen her up about ten more times.”

“Yes, Ginny. Get her loosened up before I examine her with my finger.”

It took a while for Ginny to put her finger in ten times; all the way in each time. Alice was moaning and moving her hips while trying to say her name and age. Then Dr. Jim inserted his big finger – all the way the first time. Alice said, “I’m Alice and … unnnnn, ohhh, unnnn, gee. Your finger… unnnn…. is so big… unnnnn.”

“It doesn’t hurt, does it, Alice?”

“Unnnn… no… it doesn’t… unnn… hurt.”

Muriel came into the room, locking the door behind her, and watched for a while. She said, “I see Alice is doing great so far. Her Mommy just left and will return in about an hour or so. Are you getting plenty of good video and pictures?”

Dr. Jim said, “Excellent video. She is one of the best subjects so far with a beautiful body with plump, full lips on a large pubic mound; a nicely rounded bottom, and budding breasts. We may be able to use her in modeling sooner than we thought. She’s following directions and answering questions.” He pulled his finger out and patted Alice’s bottom. Alice’s hips kept moving.

Dr. Jim said, “Should I push it in a few more times to help get your muscles relaxed, Alice?”

“Yes. Unnnnn.”

“Does it feel better when I push in just a little ways, or do you like it better when I push it in all the way?”

“All the way. Unnnnn.”

Ginny pointed to Alice’s wet, constantly-moving pussy. Muriel nodded and smiled.

Dr. Jim wiped off her bottom with tissues. He said, “Alice, do you think you could ask your friend Carla to show you how her uncle fingers her bottom? Then you could take turns doing that, too.”

“Yes. She would like to, and even asked me if she could show me, but I didn’t want her to.”

Ginny said, “Just tell her you’re curious about it. And with your uncle, just get in position on your tummy, and when his finger slides across your anus, reach back and pull your bottom open. If he asks you anything, which I doubt, just say your friend, Carla, showed you something new that feels good.”

Dr. Jim said, “Just be sure not to mention what we are doing. This is for medical science and it’s our secret and you’re getting paid to participate and model for these close-ups so we can document the benefits of early waxing. I’m going to leave now, Alice, but I’ll see you in a two months for my next interview, and I’ll want to hear about what else you do with Carla and your uncle. But don’t let him put his cock in you.”

“I won’t! And he promised he wouldn’t do that.” She said, still face down on the table.

Dr. Jim added, “It’s OK for you to touch his cock, and even rub it or kiss it or suck on it, but just don’t let him, or anyone, put it in your vagina. OK?”

“I won’t, but he did let me see it, and I rubbed it a few times. One time it squirted on me, not pee, but the white stuff, and he had to give me another bath. It was really funny.”

“That’s fine.” Said Dr. Jim. “It’s fine to rub it or kiss it. I bet Carla does that with her uncle, doesn’t she?”

“Yes.” Then she laughed. “She told me that once, when she was kissing around the end of it, that he wanted her to put it in her mouth. That was funny. She told him it was too big, but then she was able to get the tip of it in her mouth.”

Ginny said, “Maybe you could mention what Carla did with her uncle when you’re alone and undressed with your uncle. Maybe he would like you to lick it.”

“I bet he would like it.” Alice said. “And it would be fun to lick it, like to pretend it’s an ice cream cone.”

They got her down; removed the bolster, and put her in position on her back with her legs apart. Dr. Jim said, “I need to go now, but I’ll see you in a couple months.” He said to Ginny, “See how perfect her pubic mound is? Full, firm lips.”

Muriel said, “Yes, she would be a good model, and such a pretty face. Thank you, Dr. Jim. I’m going to assist with the waxing, Alice, and then Ginny will give you your first massage. Don’t wear panties home today. Just relax and take it easy.”

Muriel began spreading a small patch of wax on Alice’s very fine, blond, angel hair on her right pussy lip. Then she pressed a cloth into the warm wax.

Dr Jim heard Alice say, “Ouch!” when Muriel pulled the cloth strip, yanking out the small patch of pubic hair.

Twenty minutes later, after a couple little breaks for soda, they were all done, and gave her a warm, scented, oil massage. She loved it, especially when they started using the ‘relaxing buzzer’ around her pussy area. She had her very first orgasm, in front of the two women and the cameras.

When her Mother picked her up, Muriel handed her another envelope. “The first time takes the longest, and it’s kind of scary for the little girl. This is a bonus for you because she did such a great job. We may be able to use some of her photos in our brochure in a few years, after our research program. Of course, she will continue to come back for touch ups until she is probably 15 or so. And you’ll be getting paid the whole time. Her next waxing treatment will be in four months, but meanwhile she can come in each month for a brief photo session, to chart her growth and development. And next week she will get a follow up massage treatment.”

“OK. And thank you so much.” Alice’s Mom said.

“She wants to continue with the program, so that’s another reason for the bonus today. She did a very good job, according to Dr. Jim.”

Alice’s Mom looked at her daughter, “So you’ll come back again?”

“Yes. It was mostly OK, except for the pulling off the wax. That kind of hurt, but everything else was fine.”

Alice’s Mom said, “I’m glad it didn’t hurt too much.” She turned to Muriel. “And you said she might get haircuts and maybe manicures or pedicures.”

Muriel snapped her fingers. “Oh, I forgot. We’ve got a full service scheduled for her in two months when school is out – haircut, perm, manicure, pedicure, and massage. We’ll get her all dolled up for a modeling audition. She’ll have fun and it will be a nice bonus for you, too. It’s on the schedule here. I’ll pick her up from your trailer at noon. The modeling session will be the same day, right after we get her all dolled up. I’ll bring her home after dinner, or at least by nine or ten o’clock.”

“What about clothes?” Alice’s Mother asked.

“They will furnish the clothes, but we’ll bring her back in the same jeans and T-shirt that she’ll wear to the spa and modeling session. I think she enjoys being in front of cameras, don’t you, Alice?”

“Yes. It was fun. I want to come back, Mommy. I got to wear high heels.”

Alice’s Mom looked down at her. Muriel touched a finger to her lips to remind Alice not to say too much.

Then Alice added, “I got to wear them a little bit and walk around to show them that I’m getting to be a big girl.” She was looking at Muriel, who smiled and nodded. This girl would be great.

Two Months Later
Two months later, after her haircut, perm, manicure, and pedicure, she went into the back room and showed Dr. Jim her bright red fingernails and toenails. Dr. Jim sat down on the folding chair and told her how pretty she looked. He pulled her against him, so she was standing between his legs. He didn’t pull her too tight against him, because he didn’t want her to feel his erection through his trousers. He said, “You look so pretty, Alice! I’m so proud of you. Today we’re going to a fancy house and we’ll get you all dressed up and put on a little make-up. Then two of my trusted friends who have modeling agencies will watch our interview. That way we can do two things at once. I’ll be asking you questions while you dance and undress, and the two agency owners can see how well you follow directions, and they will also see that you aren’t too shy to be one of their models. And then, after my examination, they will dress you in some of their specialty fashions and you can model for them. And then later… well, you’ll see, but you’ll get to meet one or two other models and do more modeling with them. Won’t that be fun?”


It was almost two hours later – in a beautiful, old home with paintings on the walls, antique furniture, and thick rugs – that Ginny led Alice into the make-shift examination room. She was wearing a short, flared, pink skirt with white ruffles, and white, lacey ankles socks and the black, high heels. Her well-padded training bra showed through the sheer, sleeveless white blouse with a ruffled collar. Her blond hair had a pink ribbon on each side. She was five feet tall with the four inch heels, and she was walking slowly, trying her best to stand up straight without falling over.

Dr. Jim said, “You look prettier every time I see you, Alice!” He turned to the two men next to him. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

Both men, one balding man about forty who was slim and tall, and the other who was in his early sixties, both agreed with Dr. Jim

The taller man, Ed, smiled and said, “Dr. Jim, I thought you said she was nine years old – exactly the age model we’re looking for, but this glamorous, little girl must be twelve or thirteen, just small for her age. See how well she walks in high heels? She’s very pretty, though, but I think her breasts are too big for the fashions we would need her to model.”

The older man, Bill, said, “She’s gorgeous.”

Ginny smiled as she said, “Her breasts are mostly fake! Right, Alice?”

Alice blushed. “Yes. This is a padded bra. But like they feel real.” She squeezed her falsies to demonstrate.

Ginny said, “Alice told me these are bigger than her friend, Carla, the ten year old she plays doctor with.”

They set up the cameras and had the smiling, blushing girl walk around, or stand in various ‘modeling’ positions, like she had seen in magazines or store flyers. The four adults sat in folding chairs in a semi-circle around her ‘stage’ area with light blue sheets hung on the wall, and commented on how pretty she was while she walked, swayed to the music, or held a prop to look into the cameras. They handed her books, paddles, a riding crop, teddy bears, and other things which she held while she smiled at the cameras or walked around in her high heels.

Dr. Jim said, “I’ll do your interview while Ed and Bill work the cameras for more of your modeling audition. I told them how obedient you were, too, Alice, besides just being pretty.”

Alice smiled into the cameras and at the men.

Dr. Jim said, “Stand in front of Ed and lift your skirt to show them your pretty panties. You will be modeling panties, among other things.”

She stood in front of Ed and lifted her skirt and blushed brightly. He reached out his hand and began fondling her pubic mound through the semi-sheer, hip-hugger, pink panties with lace around the waistband. Ed said, “Very good, Alice. You are so pretty and obedient. Stand between us so Bill can feel your bottom. We need to make sure your pubic mound and your bottom are nice and plump so our panty designs will look better.”

Alice wasn’t sure what to do, so she moved between the two new men to let them examine her pussy and bottom.

Dr. Jim said, “Put your feet farther apart, Alice, to make it easier for them to feel between your legs. Sway to the music while I interview you. Remember the slow hip thrusts?”

“Like this?” Alice started moving her hips forward and back to the music while the two men felt her, staying outside her panties for the time being.

“Excellent!” Said Dr. Jim. “You can turn around and move to the music, and maybe wiggle your hips more, while they do some preliminary examinations.”

Bill said, “Her bottom is perfect for modeling the panties I design. Perfect!”

Dr. Jim asked, “Did your Uncle Larry…” He stopped, with a quick laugh. “I’m sorry, we won’t mention any names here.” He said to Bill and Ed, “Forget I used the name ‘Uncle Larry.’ Anyway, Alice, did your uncle or your friend, Carla finger your bottom, and did you get to finger Carla’s bottom?”

“Yes, both of them did me. I think Uncle Larry, I mean, my uncle… well, he liked doing it, and he used lots of baby oil – like on his finger and on my bottom before he started, like to get it really slippery. So did Carla, and she let me finger hers, too.”

“Good. I have more questions for you, but keep holding your skirt up nice and high for the cameras. Look into the camera next to Ginny while I ask you more questions. Ed is going to help you out of your panties now. You’ll let him pull down your panties, won’t you?”

“Yes.” She said, and kept blushing brightly.

Ed pulled down the girl’s panties, and helped her out of them, pulling them slowly down Alice’s legs while she held her skirt up. Ginny motioned for her to move over closer to Bill so that only Alice would be on camera and none of the grown-ups, except for their hands.

Dr. Jim said, “Look at Ed’s finger and tell us if it’s about the same size as your Uncle Larry’s finger that went all the way up your anus.”

Ed held out his finger. Alice took it in her hand and rubbed up and down on it. “I guess so. I think Uncle Larry’s finger is like bigger around, but Ed’s is longer.”

“Very good, Alice.” Said Dr. Jim. “How many times did your uncle push his finger in your bottom?”

“Gee. I’m not sure, and like sometimes he only went part way in, and like we weren’t counting, but he did it for a few minutes I think, and put more oil on me to keep it slippery, but I’m not sure like how many times.”

“What did you do with Uncle Larry before he put his finger in your bottom? Tell us about your evening.”

“Gee. Like he was babysitting me, and he tickled me and we fooled around. I told him that my friend Carla and me, like that we practiced kissing each other to pretend it was a boy, and that we took a bath and danced around and touched each other.” She stopped and looked at Dr. Jim. “You mean like that? Like telling you what we did?”

Dr. Jim nodded.

“OK, well then he wanted to practice kissing me. We never really kissed like on my mouth before. He put me in different positions while we were on the couch or on the floor and he kept kissing me. I was trying to show him that I knew how big girls kissed, like the way Carla showed me, you know, like putting your tongue on the other person’s lips, and then like touching your tongues together. It was pretty funny and I giggled a lot at first, but he kept doing it and then he said he was glad I was settling down. And like sometimes he bets me stuff, so he bet me I couldn’t kiss him for two minutes without giggling, and he promised to give me more chances if I giggled the first time. But I had to take off my blue jeans first so it would be easier for me to get in different kissing positions. He helped me untie my gym shoes.

Then I like sat on his lap facing him, with one knee on each side of him so he could hug me easier. That’s what he said. And, like usual, he was feeling my tummy and legs and chest, like squeezing them a little bit, and then we started kissing and he rubbed my panties between my legs, like to make me really tingle.”

Ed asked, “Were your panties getting damp between your legs?”

Alice blushed. “Yes, like whenever I go over to Uncle Larry’s house or to Carla’s house, my panties get kind of damp before I get there, you know, because I’m kind of tingly down there, like even before I get there.”

“I understand.” Said Ed. “That’s perfectly normal for our cute, sexy models to get wet there.”

“But Uncle Larry does laundry and like he has some other panties for me when I stay at his house, and then some clean cotton ones for me to wear home, but he says he doesn’t mind. I think he likes buying me panties, and then I try them on for him so he can see them and feel how well they fit me.”

“You’ll be such a great model for us, Alice.” Ed said. “It feels like you’re getting damp already. And the panties I just took off you are very damp; even wet in the center with your slippery excitement. Does it give you tingles to model and answer questions like this?”

“Yes, gee. I can’t help it. It just gets that way. Especially in front of strangers, I mean ‘new people’ and like you pulled down my panties while I held up my dress in front of the cameras.”

Ed said, “Maybe someday you would like to see pictures or video clips of the other little models we use. They get the same kinds of examinations, and you could watch some of their videos, or see their pictures. Would you like that? Seeing other girls and boys undress?”

“Yes, that would…” she stopped in mid sentence. “You mean boys, too? Gee.”

“Mostly girls, but there are underwear ads for boys, too. Would you like that?”

“Do they have to take off their, you know….”

“Yes, of course.” Said Ed. “They would be naked some of the time. The boys you would be modeling with would be a little older than you.”

Dr. Jim said, “We can talk about this later, Alice. But go on about Uncle Larry.”

“Let’s see. Um, he was… ohhh…” She was startled as Ed’s finger slid through her pussy slit.

Dr. Jim said, “It’s OK, Alice. Bill and Ed are going to help me examine you. I told them how tight your anus was, and they didn’t believe me, just like they can’t believe you’re only nine years old. Let them feel you while we talk. You’re doing great moving to the music. Keep turning, moving your hips, and looking into the camera while we talk. You’re doing great, Alice. Now, keep going from Uncle Larry feeling your panties while you were kissing. Was he rubbing the panties on your clitty?”

“Oh, yes, that’s what he was doing, and it was getting me all… ohh… all tingly. We kept kissing and kissing. Then he laughed and said, ‘so this is the way to help you calm down,’ like when he would rub my panties between my legs. He said since… ohhh… he was going to give me a bath pretty soon that maybe he should go ahead and take off my panties. I stood up and he pulled them down and off, and then pulled me back on his lap again. It was kind of funny, because I could feel his thing through his sweat pants because it was like real hard and straight up. He says I cause him to get a tent in his pants. Uncle Larry likes to joke. He got me back on his lap and we started practicing kissing again, while he rubbed me between the legs.” She stopped talking. “Unnn.”

Dr. Jim said, “Go on. You’re doing great.”

“Then he said I was so wet between my legs that it was probably time to get me completely undressed for my bath, so he helped me undress all the way and we practiced kissing some more while he rubbed me all over, especially between my legs.”

Dr. Jim asked, “Did he kiss your breasts or lick your pussy?”

“That’s embarrassing… oh… but he always feels my titties, that’s what he calls them, and he only licked me once before, but that was after my bath, but last Saturday he said I felt so wet that he wanted to lick me before my bath. I told him that would be gross because I was playing outside and was running around and that it was two days since my last bath, but he wanted to anyway.”

“I didn’t know he had licked you there, Alice. When I first interviewed you, you said he hadn’t licked your pussy yet.”

“It was after that, like a couple weeks after the first interview. I told Ginny about it when she gave me a massage a month ago, after the medical pictures. And she even licked me, like to make sure that was what I was talking about.”

Dr. Jim smiled. “That was nice of Ginny to make sure. So did your Uncle Larry lick your pussy before your bath?”

“Yes, and it was kind of gross. He said he liked the smell and taste of dirty, sexy girls like me. He told me next time to try to go three days without a bath before I go to his house. That was funny. And he licked me again after my bath, too, and said he liked me ‘before and after.’ He likes to kid around like that.”

“Then what?” Ed asked.

“So I asked him to rub baby oil on my back and told him I could put it on my front, but he put some on my front and my back because he likes to rub me. When he rubbed his finger across it, I said, ‘Ohhh, that gives me tingles.’ So he kept rubbing his finger over it, and then he pushed in a little bit. I said, ‘Ohhh, Uncle Larry, that tingles!’ And I opened my legs more, and kind of lifted my bottom, like the way Ginny showed me when she fingered me there last month. I was kind of worried that…”

“Take off your blouse now.” Said Dr. Jim. “And keep wiggling and dancing to the music while you tell us more about your uncle. You’re doing great.”

Alice took off her blouse, then lifted the front of her skirt again. “Then Uncle Larry pushed his finger in half way. I said, ‘unnn.’ and he stopped pushing in and asked me if it hurt. I told him it didn’t hurt but it was giving me such big tingles, so his pushed his big finger all the way in me.”

“Did he push it in more than once?” Asked Ed.

“Yes, but I don’t know how many times. And then he wanted me to rub him and like it squirted out when I was rubbing it. It was like five big squirts and some little dribbles. He cleaned me off and then I got dressed again, and we went out for ice cream even though it was late.”

“You can tell us more later, Alice, and we need to hear about the games you and Carla were playing, but now, let’s get the rest of your clothes off except for the socks and your high heels. I’ll examine you, and then we’ll get you cleaned up again for more modeling.”

When they took off her training bra, Ed said, “You tricked me!” He laughed. “Now I believe she’s nine and the perfect age. She has perfect, little titties to model my preteen fashions!” Ed stood up and started fondling her breasts while standing behind her. He said, “Keep moving your hips, Alice. Now walk around in front of the cameras for a minute. I think you’ll be a great model for me. You really tricked me.”

Alice had a big smile on her face while she danced around in front of the cameras wearing only her high heels and lacy, ankle socks. “I can make them jiggle a little bit if I jump up and down.” She tried to hop, but had trouble with the high heels.

Ginny reminded her about the hip thrusts, and then said, “And turn around and wiggle your hips for the cameras. Now they know what a perfect bottom you have. We really tricked them with your falsies, didn’t we, Alice?” Ginny laughed.

Alice laughed, too. “I didn’t think they would believe it when you put it on me, but we really tricked them.”

Dr. Jim and Bill stood up, too. They walked over to the massage table. “Come over now for your examination, Alice. Then later you’ll get to meet another model, but I want to finish your exam first. Let’s show them how obedient you are, young lady. Before we get you up on the table, let Ed and Bill feel your breasts again. They are glad you’re so young and fresh and that you want to model for them.”

The two men fondled her breasts while Ginny and Dr. Jim got the massage table with the articulated legs covered with towels. They picked her up and laid her on her back on the table, with her shoes and socks still on. She started to say something, but Dr. Jim said, “Just lie still now, for your examination. I’m still demonstrating how obedient and sexy you are. I think both Ed and Bill would like to use you as a model, but now it’s time to show them you can stay quiet and follow directions. Just relax for your examination. It’s OK to squirm around or make little moaning noises if you feel like it, to show if something feels especially good while I examine you. Close your eyes so you can just notice the feelings. OK?”

Alice closed her eyes and nodded her head.

Ed and Bill were standing on opposite sides of the table as they felt her chest, massaging each breast. Alice said, “ohh.”

Ginny said, “Her breasts are almost flat when she lies on her back, but they puff out more when she is standing, or if she is on her hands and knees.”

Ed said, “Her plump lips and big pubic mound are perfect for modeling panties or some of my specialty fashions.” He started massaging her pussy while he bent over to smell it. “I have to give all of my models a very close inspection like this, Alice, each time they model for me. I need to know they are nice and clean before putting the special clothes on. Would that be OK with you, if I decide to use you for a model?”

Dr. Jim said, “Keep your eyes closed, Alice. If someone asks you a direct question, then you can answer him.”

She said, “Gee, yes. I would like to be a model. And I’ll take a bath.”

Dr. Jim said, “Ed, didn’t I tell you she had a perfect pussy? It’s plump and firm.”

Bill said, “I’ll be able to use her, too. I’m glad that there are no visible inner labia while she has her legs closed. Let’s see how far we have to open her legs before we see her clitty.”

Ed and Bill each took an ankle and slowly pulled her legs apart, holding her feet out on either side of the massage table, until her pussy lips parted to expose Alice’s clitty and very wet vagina.

Dr. Jim said, “We’ll bend her cute, knobby knees and lay her open with her feet up by her bottom. Then you’ll be able to get a better look at her developing clitty. Ginny, could you please get the buzzer-relaxer? We’ll help Alice get ready for her examination by getting her pussy all relaxed before we do the finger examination.”

“Of course, Doctor. I think she likes it when I get her pussy all relaxed with this.” She turned on the vibrator. Everyone could hear the buzz.

Marty, the eleven year old model walked in barefoot. She was grinning as she watched Dr. Jim bend Alice’s knees and lay them outwards, so her pussy was wide open. Dr. Jim said, “Alice, keep your eyes closed, but pull your pussy lips open and up so we can get a better look to examine your clitty. That’s a girl. Keep it pulled open like that. Ed, doesn’t she have a pretty clitty?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful. Now I know I could use her for a model. Does the buzzer treatment help her to relax, Ginny?”

Dr. Jim said, “Ginny, begin massaging that area with the buzzer. And Alice, you can move your hips if it feels good while we examine you. I want Ginny to use the buzzer on her every time she gets a massage so that she will relax that area. And it helps with the examinations if her pussy is relaxed.”

Alice started moving her hips as Ginny pressed the vibrator against the sides of her pussy and thighs, and in circles around the top of Alice’s full pubic mound. Dr. Jim pointed out the whitish cream that was developing in Alice’s vagina. Marty was looking closely, too. She had on her make-up and a short dress, but no panties yet. She loved to help them break in a new girl. At eleven, Marty had been modeling for three years and loved it. The adults were moving around the table, getting different views and feels, while getting close-up video clips. Bill backed up to get a clip of Marty as she started to finger Alice’s wet vagina. Besides Marty, only Ginny’s outstretched hand with the vibrator was in the view finder on the camera.

As Ginny finally ran the vibrator across Alice’s clitty, Alice said, “Ohhhh, unn.”

Ginny said, “Ed and Bill, this helps get her muscles relaxed for the examination. I help her relax to the point where she is making these little pleasure noises, and then I know her upper legs and pussy are getting nice and relaxed. See how her hips are moving? That means she is beginning to get relaxed, so it will be easier for you each to finger her in a few minutes, to see how tight but slippery she is. And you can see that her clitty is getting stiff and swollen, but still not enough to protrude out between her pussy lips if her legs are closed. I’ll take my finger out and you can put your finger in, Ed. I’m sure she’ll be a good model for you. No hair at all. A beautiful pussy, isn’t it?”

Marty pulled her finger out and Ed took a turn. Alice moaned and squirmed as his much bigger finger pushed in. Ed said, “She is very wet and tight with a beautiful, plump pussy mound – just perfect for modeling. I know she’ll make a good model for me.”

Dr. Jim said, “She will have fun modeling and her Mother will earn some very helpful extra money, too. And we’ll get to see how well she cooperates with the other models later today. She is being very cooperative during her examination.”

Ed, Bill, Dr. Jim, and Ginny all took a turn fingering the cute, blond, nine year old with the waxed, bald pussy. Alice loved the attention and the good feelings from the intermittent touch of the vibrator. She was getting so many compliments. Ed said, “Her clitty is so big and stiff now, like she really enjoys modeling and helping with the research.”

Ginny said, “She certainly does. And she knows her Mom is getting money because she is participating and her Mother will get even more money when Alice starts modeling, since you’ll both be able to use her as a model.”

They rolled her onto her tummy. Dr. Jim said, “We’ll start the examination in just a minute, Alice, but Ed and Bill need to feel how firm and tight your bottom is. Just relax. Ginny will start using the buzzer in a couple minutes. Stay completely relaxed now so your bottom stays loose so they can jiggle your buns.”

Bill and Ed took turns massaging, patting, and pulling her ass this way and that. Bill pulled her cheeks wide apart so everyone could look. He said, “What a perfect anus. Tiny and pink. Her ass cheeks are firm and plump, just like her pussy lips. Perfect.”

“Yes.” Said Ed. “She is great.”

Ginny said, “I told you she was perfect. Now, Alice, lift up your bottom so I can slide the bolster under your hips. That’s a good girl. We’re going to open the legs on the table now. Show them how far apart you can spread your legs. A good model has to be limber and able to spread her legs wide apart. Keep your eyes closed.”

Alice lifted her bottom so Ginny could slide the cylindrical bolster under her hips. Then Bill and Ed each held one of Alice’s legs on the articulate legs of the massage table as Ginny pushed the feet apart, opening Alice. She said, “Alice reach your hands back and pull your bottom open so we can get you lubricated and ready for the examination. I’ll turn the buzzer back on in a minute.

Marty, who had ducked down behind a chair while they repositioned Alice, came back out to help with the lubrication. She loved doing that with the new girls. Ginny said, “That’s good, Alice. Keep your bottom pulled open so I can get you lubricated.”

Marty got Alice lubricated and stepped back to let Ed put his big, slippery finger in Alice’s bottom. Alice said, “Unnnnnnn, ohhhhhh, unnnn,” as Ed slowly forced his big finger all the way in the first time. She was moving her hips again.

Ginny said, “That didn’t hurt did it, Alice?”

“Nooooo, unnnnn, ohhhh, unnn,” she said as Ed pushed his finger all the way in again.

Ed said, “She is so tight! Wonderful.” Then he said to Alice, “While Ginny is using the buzzer to help relax your pussy, Alice, should I push in two more times or ten more times?”

“Ten. Unnnnn unnnnn, ohhhh, unnn.”

Ed held up four fingers to Ginny, and on the fourth time he pushed all the way in, Ginny pressed the vibrator firmly against Alice’s clitty. Alice moaned as she climaxed, squeezing Ed’s finger with a series of spasms.

They cleaned her off and helped her walk over to a cot for a little nap before the group modeling. Ginny stayed with her and promised to help her get dressed after a little rest.

Her First Group Session
Ginny said, “Let me get you dressed again, Alice. The other model should be here shortly and then you can audition with her for more possible modeling jobs.”

Alice was excited as Ginny helped her put on a sheer, lacy training bra with matching panties. “Gee, this is so sexy.” Alice said while turning around in front of the big mirror. She noticed the camera on the tripod was pointed at her. “Is that on?” She asked.

“Of course, Dear.” Said Ginny. “We need to get lots of pictures of you today. There will probably be other photographers who will want you to model for them, so we’ll have some pictures of you to show them. Now, let’s get these panties back off before they get wet, so I can put on your garter belt and hose. Then we’ll do your shoes – high heels again – and then your next dress. We’ll put your panties back on just before I take you out to the little stage area. Isn’t this fun?”

“Gee.” Said Alice with a smile as she stepped out of the panties that Ginny had just put on her.

“Hold the panties in your hand and turn around for the camera. The other camera is out in the other room. They are getting ready for the other model. The two of you will clown around and then play some games like you play with your friend Carla.”

Ginny helped her with the garter belt and the white hose with lace around the top in the middle of her thighs. After Alice stepped into the high heels, Ginny had her turn and pose for the camera, “Say your name and age again, and then talk about modeling and what you like about it.”

Alice was blushing as she turned for the camera and said, “My name is Alice and I just turned nine years old, like a couple months ago. Ummm, I like modeling, but it’s kind of embarrassing without panties on. And, well, but I really want to model.”

Ginny stood next to the camera. She said, “Good, Alice. I’ll turn the music on again and then you walk out, kind of dancing to the music. In this clip you’ll start with your panties and bra on, but take off your bra while you’re dancing and pull the panties to your knees as you turn and dance as best you can in the high heels. You can talk to the camera again. Don’t forget to move your hips forward and back to the music. That looks so sexy.” Ginny gave her a few more hints about what to say and do for her next little video clip. She said, “If you make a really fun video clip right now, I’m sure we can find lots of new photographers who would like to use you, Alice.”

The music started while Ginny stood next to the camera. Alice dance slowly to the sultry music. “I’m Alice and I just turned nine years old. I like to dance and model. It’s kind of embarrassing to pull my panties down, but I really want to be a model. Oh, and this is even more embarrassing, but like I need to change panties a lot because they get wet pretty fast. I can’t help it, they just get wet so you would need to wipe me off before you put new panties on me. It’s fun dressing up in fancy stuff.”

A little while later Ginny and Alice walked out into a different room. There were two other grown-ups there besides Dr. Jim, Ed, and Bill, but they didn’t introduce Alice to them. Ginny whispered, “Sometimes there will be other people watching your modeling sessions, so just get used to it. Pretend you don’t even see them. Even if the photographer has you stand next to a new person and that person feels you, even on your private places, just pretend you don’t know they are there. It’s like a game. I’ll show you.” She led the dolled-up Alice over to stand in front of an older, well dressed man who was sitting on a folding chair. Ginny said, “I’m teaching her to pretend she doesn’t notice new people in the room, even if that person is feeling her. I told her it’s like a game.” Then she whispered loudly to Alice, “Stand here a moment, Alice. Put your feet apart and keep facing the stage area where you’ll be modeling in a few minutes.” Ginny pointed over to a stuffed couch with no other furniture around it.

Alice stood with her feet almost two feet apart, while the older man began feeling her hose around the top, lacy part. Then he slid both hands up the remaining few inches to her panties and felt her bottom and pussy through the panties. While the man was feeling her panties, Ed came over. “I’ll start the photography session in a few minutes, Alice. You look so beautiful. Can you just stand here a minute while I bring in the other model?”

“Yes, Sir. Ohh!” The man slid his hand inside her panties, causing the exclamation.

Ed looked down at her. “Yes?” He asked.

“Oh, nothing.” Alice said, recovering her composure while the man kept feeling her bare pussy. She tried to hold still as best she could, but her hips seemed to move on their own.

She watched another cute girl, older than her, come into the room with Muriel, from the spa. Muriel introduced them. “This is Marty. She’s eleven and has been in our program a couple years. She’ll be the leader today, so just play along with whatever she wants to do as you both dance and undress in front of the cameras. Don’t take off your panties, bras, and hose right away, because that’s the main thing you’re modeling. When I give Marty the signal, then you can finish undressing each other and play doctor for a little while.” Muriel suddenly noticed that Alice was getting felt up under her dress. She said, “I see you’re learning to ignore the other people who might be in the room. Very good. You just pretend you can’t see or feel them. Marty, stand here next to Alice while we get the cameras ready. We’ll be starting in a couple minutes.”

Marty turned and backed up to stand in front of the man on the chair. He started feeling under her dress with his left hand. Marty said, “This is fun modeling, isn’t it, Alice?”

“Yes. It’s not what I imagined, but it’s fun.”

Marty said, “I think it’s fun to try not to notice that somebody is rubbing a finger through my pussy. It’s kind of funny. Are you ignoring the same thing?”

“Yes.” Said Alice, feeling ready to start giggling, except the sensations were so new to her, with people walking around, moving things, adjusting the lights that were on poles.

Marty said, “It’s kind of hard to hold still, but … there… I opened my legs wider. Try opening your legs wider. Good, Alice. You’ll do great. Anyway, for our first act today, we’ll be dancing around and enjoying the music, and then we’ll touch each other a little bit, and then I’ll start kissing you on the mouth, so we’ll kiss for a little while… ohh! Something went in me. And, like I was saying, we’ll be kissing and then start undressing each other, letting the cameras get lots of pictures of our panties and bras and our garters. Once we take off the high heels, it will be easier to kind of wrestle around on the couch and kissing and touching each other. That’s what they do in underwear advertisements in some other countries. This is so exciting. I’m getting wet already. Are you getting wet, too?”

“Yes. It’s exciting. The cameras and people.”

Marty asked, “Is your pussy getting really juicy wet already?”

“Yes, it’s wet and tingly.”

“Good.” Said Marty. “We’ll be starting in a minute. I think you’ll taste so good when I lick you there. Just go along with me. We won’t undress right away. I’ve wanted to lick your pussy since I saw your first video clip from a couple months ago, like doing your interview and getting fingered. I bet you get really juicy and tasty. No wonder your Uncle Larry likes licking you there, Alice. They said they thought you would be a great model. Will you let me lick you between your legs? Then they will let you do more modeling. It’s fun!”

Alice thought for a minute. “Yes. I know my Mom wants me to do what they tell me.”

“Good.” Said Marty. “We’ll have fun. Call me Marty and I’ll call you Alice. We’re going to be acting or role playing, so just go along with me. Don’t pay any attention to the cameramen and the other people.”

Ginny came over and took the two girls by their hands and led them out in front of the cameras. She said, “Alice, just go along with Marty and do whatever she wants. Follow her cues. You’ll do fine. Just ignore the cameras and people. If you do a good job pretending things with Marty, you’ll get invited to more parties and modeling sessions. Go.”

Their First Act
Marty led a nervous, grinning Alice over in front of the couch. She said, “We’ll bow first and then say our names.”

Still holding hands, both girls bowed to the cameras. Marty said, “I’m Marty and I’m eleven years old, and this is my friend, Alice. We just got home from a party and we were the only young people. Lots of the grown-ups at the party liked to hold us on their laps and tickle us. It was fun, but now we’re glad to be home from the party so we can get comfortable and just play girl games.” Marty bowed again and waited until Alice bowed, too.

They stood up. Marty said, “Oh, Alice, wasn’t that funny at the party the way some of the men wanted to tickle us or pat our bottoms. That was so funny.”

Alice said, “It was funny.”

Marty said, “All the men thought you were so cute, and Mr. Thompson liked it when he was pretending to spank you. I think you liked it, too, when he sat in the middle of the couch and laid you across his lap with those other men watching. Then he flipped up the back of your dress and spanked you while you wiggled around. I thought it was so sexy and funny. You kept giggling and pretending to struggle while they all looked at your panties.”

Alice joined in, “it was embarrassing but got me all tingly at the same time.” Alice enjoyed ‘pretending things’ so she was a natural at role-playing.

“Then one of the ladies came over and told him not to spank you too hard, but he smacked your bottom and it made a loud smack noise and you jumped, but then you giggled. The lady said, ‘well, I guess you’re not spanking her too hard if she giggles like that.'”

“Yes, that was funny.”

“They kept spanking you and different men took a turn because they wanted to feel your bottom. Did it make your panties get wet when they kept feeling you and looking at your panties?”

“Yes, jeez. That was even more embarrassing, especially when one of the men felt me between the legs and said I must be getting excited.” Alice giggled. “That was so embarrassing and funny.”

“I’m glad we were wearing short skirts so they could feel our panties easier when we were standing up.” Marty said, “and I think the ladies knew they were feeling us because sometimes they watched them do it and they didn’t say anything, but just smiled.”

“It was a fun party.”

Then Marty kissed Alice on the mouth and kept kissing. She started feeling Alice’s chest while they kissed and turned for the cameras. Then Marty said, “Sit on the front edge of the couch and lay back. Let’s do that game you like. OK?”

Alice didn’t know what she was referring to, but she kept playing along. “OK. Sure. I like to play games with you.” She sat on the very front edge of the couch and laid back so her head was against the back cushion.

Marty knelt on the floor between Alice’s knees and pushed up her skirt. She said, “Hold your dress up for me, Alice, so I can look at your panties a second. Open your legs wider. That’s it.” Then Marty kissed the center of Alice’s panties between her legs. “I can smell your girl smell, and your panties are wet in the middle.”

“Oh, that tickles, Marty.” Alice said.

Marty stopped kissing and lifted her head. “You can kiss my panties in a minute.” She pulled the crotch of Alice’s silky, pink panties to one side and moved her head so the cameras could also see how wet Alice was. Then Marty leaned in and started licking Alice’s pussy – from anus to the top, front of her clitty and back, reaching her tongue into Alice’s vagina to get as much of her excitement as she could. She licked slowly and steadily for a full minute. Then she lifted her head again. “You taste good, Alice. I knew you were getting juicy wet at the party with all those men spanking you and feeling you between your legs. You like it when men do that, don’t you, Alice?”


“And you like it when I lick your pussy, too, don’t you?”

“Yes. It makes me tingle.”

Marty said, “I’ll kiss you another minute and then it’s your turn to lick me. OK?”


Alice was doing a great job of ignoring the new people who joined their little “audience.” The two little girls undressed each other and licked and fingered each other in front of the dozen adults who were watching closely. But then Jimmy came in holding hands with Muriel. Jimmy was almost fourteen – slim and cute; dressed like a soccer player. Muriel and Jimmy stood next to one of the cameras, just a few feet from the two naked girls who were laying on the couch kissing and feeling each other. Marty noticed that Alice was distracted, so while she was kissing Alice’s slender neck, she whispered, “Just ignore them, Alice. You’re doing great. Slide down me and lick my pussy. Let the boy watch. He’ll be in our next act. Now’s your chance to show the grown-ups what a good actress you are.”

Alice was blushing as she slid down her new friend’s body and started licking Marty’s pussy again.

A minute later, Ed said, “Cut.” He walked up to the two girls and told them they did a great job. Everyone applauded as the two naked girls stood and took a bow. Alice lost her balance in the high heels and had to take a step forward. She giggled and all the adults laughed and applauded even louder. Then Ed introduced them to some of the other adults, but didn’t mention or acknowledge Jimmy, who was still staring at the two naked girls, wearing only high heels. Alice looked at him several times, and blushed each time, reflexively covering her breasts with her hands, until Ed took her hand and put it back at her sides. Ed said, “Don’t worry about the boy. He’ll be in your next act with you. Let him look at you. Be glad that he keeps watching you. He thinks you’re really cute, Alice. You and Marty will be role-playing with him, and you’ll get to pull down his pants. Won’t that be fun?”


“And all these adults in here with us now will be staying for the party tonight, and you can stay and play games with them, too, like the way you and Marty were pretending earlier.”

Marty walked over to Ed and Alice. Ed pulled the boy over to stand with him and the two naked girls. Several adults gathered around them. Ed said, “Here is our next modeling scenario. Marty, you and Alice will be in your nighties playing around and trying on different panties. That’s the modeling aspect of this video, and we’ll get the still shots from your panty scene. Take your time changing, keeping them halfway up or halfway down while you pretend to pose for each other. And do lots of kissing and touching each other, and so on while you’re modeling the panties. I’ll cue you when to start getting sexy with each other. Leave the panties off then, but your nightie tops on. Then Jimmy, who will pretend to be Marty’s big brother, will come into the room in his soccer outfit to find Alice licking you, Marty. Don’t tell Alice when you see him come into the room, because he is going to watch for a little while before he comes over. Then the three of you will pretend like he is the Dad and he just found the two of you being naughty so he’ll give each of you a play spanking. Just go along with whatever Jimmy says to do. He’ll be especially interested in Alice because he is already used to his little sister and has fingered her lots and lot of times. He will naturally want to finger Alice, a new girl for him, in the front and back. Have fun. Act silly. Be sexy. We’ll do this act and then we can have our party with the sponsors. Jimmy, be sure to tell us when you’re ready to cum so we can get in on the videos. And you girls watch him cum, even if it gets on you.”

Their Second Act
Everyone marched upstairs to a big bedroom. The cameras were already set up, and two of the new men adjusted the lights while Alice and Marty put on semi-sheer, lacy nighties. Ginny led Jimmy over to the side of the room. Ed pulled Marty aside to whisper instructions.

Alice and Marty introduced themselves to the cameras again, standing in front of the bed. They danced to the music and slowly undressed each other with lots of kissing and touching. Trying on and trading panties was the next ‘game’ for the two, nubile girls. After putting on new panties they would look at each other. To see how well the panties fit, they would feel each other’s panties all over; pulling them out and down, and then letting them snap back into place. Lots of giggles accompanied this part of their modeling.

Next they began pretending that one of them was the boy – taking turns kissing each other all over. Fingering in front was next, along with more pussy kissing, and then they were ready for anal fingering.

Marty had a jar of thick lubricant that she used to get Alice all slippery. That’s when Jimmy walked into the bedroom area in front of the cameras and said, “Caught you!”

Alice stood and covered her tiny breasts with her hands. The blushing was real, but she exaggerated her embarrassment.

Jimmy said, “So, Marty, you were going to put your finger in Alice’s butt? Maybe I should go ahead and do that for you!”

Marty stood up and acted mad. “No! I thought you were staying with Bobby tonight. What are you doing home?”

“Bobby is coming over here later. We didn’t know Alice would be here. Bobby said he wanted to play doctor with you if we were by ourselves, but I bet he’ll enjoy playing doctor with Alice, too! Wait till I tell him what I found you two naughty, little girls doing!”

“No! Don’t you dare tell him. I’ll tell Mommy.”

“Well, if you tell Mom about us, then I’ll tell her what you and Alice were doing – fingering each other’s butts!”

“Please don’t tell her.” Marty said.

“No, don’t tell on us. And I didn’t put my finger in her yet, anyway.”

Then the negations started. Alice listened – partly acting nervous, and partly looking at the bulge in Jimmy’s soccer shorts. Jimmy said, “OK. I won’t tell on you if you let me and Bobby finger each of you.”

Alice didn’t say anything, wondering if there was another boy named Bobby who would be joining them. She suddenly looked at Marty when she heard her say, “OK, Jimmy, you can put your finger in Alice’s bottom, and so can Bobby, but we get to see you both naked. You have to show us and let us touch your things, or we won’t let you touch us.”

“If we let you girls see our cocks, then you have to suck on them.”

Marty looked at Alice, “Should we agree to that? I want to see their cocks.” Then Marty turned to Jimmy. “Well, OK, but you can’t squirt your stuff in our mouths.”

“Deal.” Said Jimmy, and held out his hand to shake.

Both Marty and Alice shook his hand.

Ginny pushed an imitation doorbell off camera, and twenty seconds later Bobby walked into the girl’s bedroom. He didn’t say anything as he grinned at the two girls standing there in only the tops of semi-sheer nighties.

Jimmy said, “Guess what my little sister and her naughty friend, Alice, were doing? Getting ready to finger each other’s butts. And…”

Bobby interrupted, “I want to watch!”

“We will! We’ll watch and we’ll also get to take turns fingering both of these naughty girls.”

“We get to undress you first.” Said Marty, reminding her pretend big brother of their agreement.

A minute later the girls had both of the boys down to their under shorts. Marty and Alice were kneeling in front of the two boys. She said, “I’ll let Alice pull down your undies because she never saw a real live cock before.”

“Gee.” Said Alice. She was blushing and grinning, kneeling beside the bed, in front of Jimmy’s crotch. She pulled his underwear down and watched his cock spring up – almost hitting her jaw.

“Go ahead and touch it, Alice. Feel all around. He likes it when you tickle his balls at the same time. You can lick it if you want.”

Alice started – staring at the small, four-inch cock. Jimmy had almost no pubic hair. The tip of his cock was more pointed than her uncle’s, and the shaft was barely bigger around than her uncle’s finger. One camera was zoomed in, and the other was getting a distant shot, but Alice had forgotten about the cameras. She pulled the cock down and watched it spring up again. She tickled his balls and licked the side of his small cock, intrigued by the diminutive organ.

Marty said, “Try to catch it in your mouth without using your hand. It’s a game we do sometimes.”

Jimmy started twisting his hips so Alice had to try to catch it, while he tried to smack the side of her face with it. Alice laughed each time she missed, but caught it on the third try. Jimmy started humping motions into her mouth. Marty said, “Don’t squirt in her mouth, Jimmy. You promised.”

“Don’t forget about me, Alice.” Bobby said as he stepped closer to the kneeling nine year old.

“Tickle his balls while you suck him.” Marty prompted.

While Alice sucked Jimmy, and tickled his balls with her left hand, she reached her right hand over to Bobby’s under pants and felt his cock through the white material.

Jimmy said, “She sucks pretty good, Bobby. Almost as good as my little sister, even though Alice just turned nine years old.”

“My turn.” Said Marty. “I’ll do my brother now.” She knelt beside Alice and pushed her over in front of Bobby. “You do Bobby now, and then we’ll trade in a minute. I like sucking on these. It’s fun isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Said Alice as she pulled Bobby’s underpants down and stared at his slightly bigger cock. The tip of Bobby’s was bigger than the shaft, and not as pointy. He had a little bit more hair just above his cock, but his balls were as bald as Jimmy’s. Alice decided she liked the smaller, bald boys better than her uncle’s fat cock and hairy balls.

Both girls were sucking and tickling the boy’s balls when Marty suggested they switch places. Alice and Marty traded places.

“Let’s finger their butts now, Jimmy.” Bobby said.

“In a minute.” Jimmy took charge. “I want to watch them lick each other and kiss and then finger each other’s pussy. Then we’ll finger their butts.”

“Good idea.” Bobby agreed.

After the little lesbian show, Jimmy said, “OK, hop up on the bed girls. Hands and knees. Spread open wider. That’s it. Lower your shoulders.” The two boys looked and compared the young pussies and assholes a moment. “Looks like their pussies are wet and ready, too. Once their butts are slippery we could finger front and back at the same time. Remember when we did that with Marty last month?” The boys lubricated the girls’ assholes. Soon both boys were fingering the girl’s bottoms. They slowed down, knowing the cameras wanted to pick up the girl noises as they pushed in.

“Unnnnn.” Alice moaned as Bobby’s finger pushed all the way in.

Bobby said, “These girls love this.”

Then Jimmy said, “I want to put something bigger in.”

“No.” Marty said. “That hurts.”

“But remember how much you liked it after it was in?”

“Yes, but it hurt at first.” Marty said.

Jimmy said, “I’ll get my dick really slippery first this time. You could show Alice what we like to do at nights when Mom is gone.”

“Then I get to finger you first!” Marty said.

Alice was lost in the feelings, only half listening to the brother and sister talk. But she caught that – about fingering a boy.

Soon Marty was showing Alice how to lube a boy’s ass. “Then you reach between his legs and tickle his balls and cock with one hand and finger his ass with the other. Jimmy really likes it.”

Alice heard Jimmy say, “uunnnnn,” while she watched her new friend push her finger all the way in her brother’s anus.

Marty said, “You do my brother while I show Bobby what to do.”

Alice took over, pushing her finger up Jimmy’s ass. She watched Marty get Bobby lubed up.

“I’m ready to cum.” Said Jimmy.

“I’m about ready, too.” Bobby agreed.

“Get on your hands and knees on the floor, Marty.” Jimmy said. “We’ll show Alice another fun trick.”

Alice watched closely as Jimmy got his slim cock all slippery with the gooey stuff. He knelt behind his sister and pushed her bottom lower so she was leaning back. When her bottom was over her ankles, Jimmy put his finger in his sister; pulled it out, and slowly pressed his cock in her ass.

Marty said, “Unnnnn, ohhh, Jimmy.” She started making more noises. “Oh, God, Jimmy. Yes. Uunnn, ohhh.”

Suddenly Jimmy pulled his cock out. A stream of white cum squirted across Marty’s back to the back of her head, getting the first glob in her hair.

Alice was watching closely. When Jimmy was done squirting, a few more little dribbles of his cum oozed out. Jimmy said, “Lick some of that off her back, Alice.”

Jimmy said it with authority, so Alice got her fist taste of cum off her friend’s back, licking a trail from the back of Marty’s neck to the top of her butt crack, where she stopped licking. “Good job.” Jimmy said.

“I’m ready to cum, too.” Said Marty. “Just right on the edge.”

“Do you want Bobby to do you?” Jimmy asked.

Marty said, “Real slow, Bobby. Lots of slippery stuff, and then push it in real slow.”

Then Bobby rubbed the greasy lubricant on his cock and slowly pushed it up Marty’s ass. In less than a minute Bobby pulled out, already squirting.

“A little more! Please. I’m ready.” Marty said.

Bobby pushed his still-squirting cock back in Marty’s ass.

“Ohhh! Unnn! Oh, God!” Marty moaned and laid down on the floor, causing Bobby’s cock to come out of her ass again.

The four kids stayed in position before Bobby stood up and helped Marty stand. The four of them joined hands, pulling Alice into the center, and bent over to take a bow.

The grown-ups applauded.

When she got home, Alice told her Step-Mom that she had lots of fun and wants to keep modeling. Her Step-Mom appreciated the envelope that Ms. Ginny handed her.